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What Brings You JOY?

The #BlackGirlJoy Challenge welcomes girls, young women, and gender-expansive youth ages 12-24 who can describe their ideas for spreading JOY with their friends, families, and communities to apply for a $550 challenge award. #BGJ Challenge winners will complete their JOY projects between May and June. This is very simple and not a dissertation.  They want unfiltered responses on what truly brings YOU joy and how you can spread joy.  It can stem from contributing funds to their household to alleviate stress from parents, planning family or friend fun nights, dance / skating  parties, hosting youtube or tic Tok series, sewing, starting a business, or going to the beach. It can be community supports like assisting the elderly, the blind, providing for homeless or underserved, making positive bracelets for others, or taking a vacation.  Literally whatever! It can be as creative or simple as their JOY gets! Parents/caregivers will need to register their youth that are 17 years or younger once the youth creates their part. We suggest that the youth and caregiver looks at the paper application (the link is provided below) to see what the online application will consist of. You may also submit the paper application instead of the electronic version if that's more convenient for you. If you need assistance during the application process please do not hesitate to email us at .

As soon as you submit the application, please text us the youth's complete name, state,  and “done”  at (615) 836-8976.

 download the application

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