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Nadia- DYMON Sister

DYMON Sisters- Summer Program

McKenzie- Scholarship Recipient

Taylor- DYMON Staff

My child has benefited greatly from the Dymon program because she has learned several different life skills that she can use in her personal as well as professional life in the future. The ladies worked diligently to expose the girls to a multitude of different experiences including learning different skills, fitness, dance, field trips and the importance of sisterhood just to name a few. The virtual summer camp was a great way to entertain my daughter during the quarantine and keep her brain busy throughout the summer. I am very grateful that my daughter was able to be a part of this program. All the things she’s learned about growing up a respectable young lady with goals and values in the program will greatly benefit her now and later in life. Thank you to all the ladies, especially Ms. Brittany, for allowing my daughter to participate in this awesome rewarding program. We are very grateful that she was a part of it. 

Renarda- DYMON Caregiver

DYMON Sisters- Tribute to the Founder & CEO

Maurianna- Scholarship Recipient

MiKayla- DYMON Staff

I had so much fun at the showcase even though I was nervous doing my business pitch but having other sisters stand beside me helped me to not be afraid anymore. 


DYMON Sister, I'm Bossy Summer Program